Things You Should Know as a Passenger Before Traveling This Holiday

Things You Should Know as a Passenger Before Traveling This Holiday

When you are planning your flight for your holiday vacation, what most individuals will do is immediately Google what airline companies provide the best service and are the cheapest. It is said that many Canadian airlines make money by evading their obligations to their passengers according to Gabor Lukacs. As a passenger, it is hard to know what your rights are and there are many things you should know that you are legally allowed to do if ever you are in an uncomfortable situation at an airport or on an airplane.

If something bad happens at the airport, film it with your phone regardless if it’s with an irate passenger or a problem with your luggage. When passengers post videos to popular sites like YouTube, it is more powerful than having about a thousand lawsuits against them. This allows passengers to expose the airlines for their fault and give them a bad reputation. Videos also prove that something actually happened on the flight or at the airport since companies are rather good at acting like nothing ever happens at their company. All passengers have the right to document anything that goes wrong especially at airports if it involves something that the company isn’t supposed to be doing, or if they are doing something wrong.

Depending on the situation, a company like the Reputation Management Company New York is there to help with reputation problems like this. There are many legal cases that airlines are involved in and this affects the way that passengers or consumers searching for an airline to travel with will consider. Not every consumer wants to be on an airline where they are throwing your luggage down the stairs into the luggage box to board the plane. I’m sure you also don’t want to see videos of peoples luggage being thrown down a flight of stairs in order for the plane to take off quicker on the Internet when browsing for an airline.

As a passenger, you have several rights such as changing seats if you feel unsafe next to the person beside you. That is if the seats aren’t all taken on the airplane itself since if they are full, it isn’t that easy to accommodate every passengers requests. If an airline damages your luggage, they owe you compensation for this and most airlines will tell you it is simply wear and tear but this is just an excuse that they always come up with. If there is ever a long flight delay, you are allowed to ask for a meal voucher since there is no law stating how long of a wait until you can get a meal voucher.

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