The Power One Customer Can Have on a Company’s Online Reputation

A successful company with a good online reputation works very hard to make it so. It can seem a bit unrealistic that such a company, which has worked hard to establish a strong brand and a good online reputation, and which has gained an extensive and loyal following of devoted customers and clients, could possibly be taken down easily. Unfortunately, it can and does occur.

The Power of One

It may be true that a company which has established a strong online reputation and which has accumulated scores of favorable reviews can feel quite impervious, but many companies have been unfortunate enough to learn that they ignore a single customer at their own peril. Even a mildly dissatisfied customer can become an impressively loud voice of discontent–and one that many others listen to.

Ideally, every company would always run flawlessly and never make any mistakes, but this is simply not realistic. Companies are staffed by employees who can, and occasionally do, make errors. And of course, there are times that these errors are experienced by the customer. It usually only takes one small error for a customer to feel dissatisfied, and how the company responds to this situation can very well determine what the customer chooses to do about it. A company that ignores or mishandles a dissatisfied customer may discover that this customer will decide to vent his frustration online, and the damage caused is quite substantial. After all, many potential customers use online reviews to decide whether or not to partake of a company’s products or services, and a single, convincing negative review can cause them to overlook all the positive reviews.

Fortunately, the power of a single customer can also work to the company’s advantage. A quick, honest response that seeks to right whatever wrong the customer experienced can result in an honest review that actually boosts the company’s image. After all, people understand that accidents can happen–but it’s what is done to resolve them that matters most.


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