Online Promotion vs. Online Reviews: Which Plays a Greater Role in Reputation Management

Business owners know that it takes time, patience and a lot of very hard work to build and maintain a successful business. Obviously, a large part of a business’ success includes creating and delivering quality products or services that consumers need and want. But what actually drives consumer conversion and therefore business success is a business’ reputation. So what affects their reputation?

Online Promotion vs. Online Reviews

When it comes to managing their online reputation, many businesses turn to online promotion methods. It’s true that getting the word out about a business’ products or services is part of generating consumer interest, but there is a better way to garner not only interest but trust, and that’s through online reviews.

The simple truth is that a business could promote themselves endlessly on the internet–stating how they have the absolute best products or services on the market at the best prices, how their customers love them, and so on. Unfortunately, this effort will be largely wasted as few consumers will actually trust them. On the other hand, just a few satisfied customers who tell others about the business’ outstanding products or services can foster more trust and interest in the business in a shorter period of time, and bring about a greater boost in their online reputation.

Studies have indicated that up to eighty-five percent of consumers will read roughly ten online reviews about a business before deciding whether to trust them and buy their products or services. These online reviews will not only discuss the products or services, but will usually also discuss the quality of them, as well as the individual’s customer service experience. A business that monitors their reviews and quickly and professionally responds to them as appropriate will often see a great boost in their online reputation as a result. They are engaged with their customers, and they honestly care what their customers think–which speaks worlds to others who are looking for someone to place their trust in.

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