Need a result suppressed on Google’s search engine result page?

As we are moving to a world where everything is documented online, there are people and companies who are suffering the consequences. For example, a newspaper article can mention the names of companies in its article but the title of the post is not the most flattering. It may reflect badly on the company and while customers are searching for them, it may pop up. They might rethink purchasing from you depending on the severity of the issue.

There are agencies out there that offer services of removal or suppression of these negative results. It is understandable that customers want to get the problem solved as soon as possible since it can be hurting their sales or even hindering top talent from wanting to work for you. But what companies with negative results should know is for the article to stay down, it needs to be done as organically as possible. This means that it will take time since Google has triggers in place and will flag sites that are being spammed with links that are intended to be pushed up the rankings.

What people have to know is that the suppression process is search engine optimization but on many sites to overtake the negative. That being said, depending on what you want to be suppressed, it can take anywhere from 4 months to a year for the work to be completed. One of the main factors is the length on time the result has been there and how much engagement and clicks it is getting. The higher those two aspects are, the longer it will take to suppress.

Google themself even released a video on how long it takes for search engine optimization work to make the changes and then see improvements. They even enforced the timeline it takes to first implement improvement and then see the benefit. Usually business owners who want to see results fast are not very experienced in SEO. Be aware of people who guarantee sites will begin ranking better in just a few days or weeks. What they are doing is using aggressive spam techniques or using Adwords to pay to be on top for a certain keyword.

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