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We’re a small Digital marketing agency situated in New York with data-driven actionable strategies, helping our clients achieve results. SearchReputation.net is most recognized boutique agency in the field of reputation management, and SEO.


Our firm has a secret proprietary platform that allows us to deploy instructions to nearly 17,000 users across the world on how to query Google and interact with organic search results. This appeals to Google’s news machine learning algorithm called RankBrain. RankBrain is used to decide the rank of the very top results. Other SEO firms do not have this type of tool, instead they rely on old crowdsourcing techniques Google filters out of the algorithm. That’s what sets us a part.

Our founder is a search engine pioneer who has stepped on the other side to help clients like yourself achieve an unfair advantage. The advantage will help you identify the efforts that truly move the needle in search rankings. Other SEO firms will waste time and your budget but Herman Tumurcuoglu knows and understands the utmost importance of one’s reputation. This is why our team provides the best results, it’s because they all understand how sensitive negative information can harm anyone or business. Here at Reputation Management, we will go above and beyond for each and everyone of our clients.

Today’s world, knowledge is at anyone’s fingertip. All anyone needs to do is simply “Google it” in order to find reviews or suggestions about businesses. What if there are negative information concerning you and your company? This can paint a terrible online image for anyone who relies on online marketing. This damaging information can harm your reputation and disrupt future opportunities. With Reputation Management Company in New York, we can carefully manage your online reputation.

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What Reputation Management Services Do We Provide?

Our skilled team uses reverse search engine optimization to solve harmful and unwanted online information about you or your company. By partnering with our company, you are guaranteed a positive and credible reputation. The reputation management services we provide include:

  • Removal of negative online news stories, including slander
  • Removing ratings and damaging reviews
  • Altering search engine results from Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Removing information on court cases and/or litigation
  • Removing cheater websites

Guaranteed Results: Our company is the only one to provide contingency based reverse search engine optimization and reputation management services.

Altering Google Results: With our reverse SEO, negative information about you or your company will be suppressed

Quick and Efficient Services: We will provide you with results that will be fast and efficient

Contact Us Today! Don’t allow any negative information about you or your organization to exist at the top of the search results. Your success can be guaranteed with a good reputation. Allow our team to provide you with quality and cost effective reputation management services you need.


4 Ways to Own Your Reputation, Online and Off in 2017

In 2017 you can still learn something about how to maintain your reputation from a classic of English literature that’s over 100 years old. In fact, the book in question, Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, is now 126 years old. First published in the July 1890 issue of Lippincott’s Monthly Magazine, it tells the tale of young, aristocratic Dorian Gray who makes a deal with the Devil to retain his beauty and youth forever.

As Dorian pursues a life of experience and sensations his portrait ages and becomes grotesque while he remains physically unchanged. Even so, among members of London’s upper classes there are rumours of his… activities.

So what relevance does a book written in Victorian England have for the age of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and incredibly cheap and plentiful digital storage? Lots, it turns out.

Here are 4 ways you can protect your reputation in 2016 against databases with long memories and business competitors looking to steal your clients.

1) Cultivate Your Reputation

Building lasting friendships and working relationships often takes months, if not years. That’s because it’s not easy to trust other people. To protect your online reputation you should adapt this technique for the online world.

Create a professional blog where you share content that’s useful and relevant to your line of work. Make connections with leaders in your field and learn from what they do online. Lock down personal Facebook accounts and think twice before posting pictures of yourself online that colleagues and clients may find objectionable.

The best way to maintain a good reputation is to actively cultivate one. So take control and make a plan if you’re unhappy with your online profile.

2) A Database Never Forgets

Digital storage is convenient and cheap today. Instead of deleting old files, many companies find it easier to just buy more digital storage. Put another way – have you ever deleted any files in your Dropbox account? Exactly.

Because databases have such long memories, every credit card transaction, website visit, private text message, and online comment associated with you is stored somewhere. Hence the importance of cultivating your reputation. Building information for public consumption will help defend you online against untrue rumours.

Because data storage is cheap and potentially forever, you want to be very careful about your online activities. They are being recorded somewhere. The more you keep this in mind, the easier it will be to build an online reputation that you can be proud of.

3) A Screenshot is Worth a Thousand Words

Even keeping the first two rules in mind, you can still make a mistake. We all do – to err is to be human. What I’m referring to here is sending text messages and photos that you would not want your co-workers or boss reading. In less than a second someone can take a screenshot of what you’ve sent to them with their smartphone.

So think twice about what you text and send over your phone. That extra minute of thought before you press the ‘Send’ button will potentially save you from dealing with a major reputation headache further down the road.

4) Remember, Confidence is Life’s Enabler – it is the Quality that Turns Thoughts into Action

After reading the last three rules you may be fearful to post anything that might offend someone. Don’t be – this article is not meant to dissuade you from being yourself and having your own online ‘voice.’ I’m just advising you of precautionary measures you can take to protect your online reputation in 2016.

Check out this Fast Company article on the 6 Habits of Confident People. Confidence is absolutely life’s enabler — to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in life it is essential. Even if you do make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up for hours on end dwelling on that mistake. Confident people view failure as information, and a valuable life lesson.

So learn from the mistakes others have made and go forth, confident in your ability to own your reputation, both online and off.


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